We provide customers with an objective and exhaustive analysis of their requirements,our reports on feasibility, cost benefit analysis and future expansion path for various solutions make managements task of taking a decision easier, since we are not dealers for any brand of products, software or hardware, customers can be assured that solutions proposed by us are totally.
Unbiased and take into consideration factor which are relevant from the clients point of view
We provide total turnkey solutions, Once entrusted with the job, we take responsibility for total installation and satisfactory hand over , systems implemented by us include but are not limited to : LAN, WAN, VOIP , Teleconferencing , IT integration with existing network
We today have a very good partners like R&M Co. who are fully qualified and have the required experience to supply the approved Telecom and Fiber Optic Products with ability to fulfill the market demand with all flexibility and design changes from area to area and Client to client, and with full range of products like Cabinets, ODB, ODF, RACKS, Closures and etc..
With current high speed of business we are qualified to support our customers since the nature of our other activities keeps us in touch with the latest trends.
Today, more than ever keeping up with the current technology in the IT scenario is no small task, it’s our objective that AT&S offers to supply our experiences for our Customers, we are qualified to do this since the nature of our other activities keeps us in touch with the latest trends
AT&S offers managed services,our policy is to provide employment and staffing services of the highest possible quality to our clients through a genuine and thorough understanding of their needs and continuous innovation. Whereas originally, temporary staffing involved covering emergency uses such as extra workloads or unexpected absences, managed services has now grown to mean staffing whole departments and supplying large numbers on a planned basis for wide range of project, manpower, for reasons of efficiency and cost effectiveness has become number of employees.
We, at AT&S recognize the need for supplying professional personnel on a Contractual bases in order to shoulder off our client the burden of identifying and recruiting professionals and the workload and cost involved in the process.
In addition, we take it upon ourselves to administrate such professionals including taking care of all of their needs such as housing, transportation,medical insurance, official paperwork,… etc.AT&S ensures scientific personnel selection, and that is why we conduct interview and assessments by experienced professionals of the related field, we also assist our client in defining job description and qualifications which then ensures the search identification, and selection of the right candidates, our employment programs make use of heavy advertising, contacts,Sorting from computerize databases, and calling for seminars recruitment.


Project and Program Management,Supply Chain Management,Business Process Engineering,Asset Management and Information System Design and Implementation
Site Survey and Investigation Report ,CAD drawing Reflecting RF & LOS requirements,Site design,StructurenAnalysis,Structure back analysis,construction Permits and Power permits and As built documentation
  • Shelters
  • Batteries
  • Generators
  • UPS
  • Rectifers